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Musical timeline

Musical timeline

Karl attented this year one of my lectures on Just People in a local photo club. He contacted me last week and asked if I was still looking for people to photograph.
We met in the beginning of this week and talked about his passion for Music and how music brings back memories of the good old time when you were young. I can reflect myself into that picture too, because it is exactly how I was back then, with my LP player sitting on the floor.

Have a nice week-end.

Break the chain

Finally after three month I was able to take a new picture for the Project. I met this wonderful and brave woman many years ago when we were collegues at the same school. Back then I had no idea what was going on in her life. T. was abused by her husband and had, unfortunately, as many other women in her position, a poker face when it came to show her real feelings for the World. Life had to continue no matter what.

We lost contact and we reconnected after many years via Facebook. She read about my Project and contacted me. I am proud that T. made it to the studio for a first interview where she openly spoke about her experience. I just shaked my had and got so surprised that I didn’t see anything of that. She is always the funny laughing girl.
We prepared mentally for this Picture and today we eventually, on her first holiday, were able to put her thoughts into a picture. I am sorry not to be able to show you yet the entire frame but just a teaser. BUT YES, she broke the chain from that situation and is now living a better Life, though still receovering and leaking her sours. She found the strongness in herself to say STOP for her sake and for her childrens sake.

A strong woman! I am proud of you!

Break the chain with a pair of bolt cutters
Break the chain with a pair of bolt cutters



During my exhibition at the Uppsala Fotofestival last year in September I met Ulf, a very talented photographer that visited my exhibition.

We started talking and I asked Ulf what his passion was beside photography, because I didn’t wanted to photograph another photographer with a camera.

During the last months we mailed back and forward and we came up with the idea of taking a Picture with Ulf’s big passion for old weapons and military history from the 19th Century.

So, finally today, here we go! A teaser from the “Sharpshooter” Picture. You will have to wait a bit more to see the real one, in real Life! Happy week-end to you all.


2013 I sent in some Pictures to the 1st Three country Grand Circuit Ireland-Montenegro-Serbia competition.

Both the Irish and the Montenegro judges liked this Picture that got accepted.

THE THINKER is dedicated to  “thinking” that gives energy to a lot of things in Life, as far as for Tony from Sweden.

A special thank to Region Teater in Uddevalla for borrowing us the anvil for the Picture. It was really fun to see Tony lifting it from the trunk of the car and bringing in that heavy piece into the studio.

Man sitting on an anvil and thinking

The vikings

The vikings

Sometimes it just happens and you get the persons you want in front of the camera. This happened by accident when I asked friends on FB if they knew people with character faces. One of my collegues got me in contact with Per, a Swedish men from the North that really looks like a viking. We had planned a different kind of Picture though sometimes it just happens that you have something in your head and then you get a completely different picture. And it turns out to be even better! So here I tease you with a part of this Picture that I took today of 2 vikings, Per and his dog Benson.


Posing in favour of the recycled design
Posing in favour of the recycled design

We live in a World of consumption. We buy. We throw away. We buy. We throw away.

But there are several ways to change this behaviour. You can give away the stuff you buy to organisations for people in need or  to second hand shops.

Or then you can recycle trash and remake from it furniture, clothings, toys, you name it.

This is designer Mariah’s big passion. She worked with the issue back in Brasil, together with people in the favelas. . What better Place than to have the photoshoot at the Design Musem in Göteborg. Röhsska Museet. Thank you for letting us beeing there and for your kind welcoming.

What you see behind Maria’s legs is a chair called “Anemone” and is designed by Fernando and Humberto Campana in 2001.

And of course this is only a teaser! You will have to wait a while to see the entire Picture.

Let’s save the World! Let’s recycle!


Do you have a friend from China, Vietnam, Nepal, Korea, or any other Asian country? I need your help. I need more people from the Asian continent for my Project JUST PEOPLE.
Everybody should have a …strong passion or a strong message that he/she wants to share with the rest of the World.
All persons will be photographed with only their skin as dress.
The Picture will be respectful and will mirrow the person’s inner soul.  Please help me to share it to anybody you know.
The photoshoot is held in Göteborg and no compentation will be paid.


FIGHTING... This Picture was one of the first ones I took when I started the Project and I was looking for people that wanted to tell their story.
The Picture came to me. I felt the Heavy soul that was looking for a way out…. the big dark space that was oppressing. I could sense it and I was deeply concerned when I realized that suddenly I positioned the person not in the center but in a corner to emphasize her message of fighting against the evil part that we all have inside …. Part that can bring us to do things we don’t want but can’t do better in a specific period of Life. The strenght of a woman that fights for the better.

This Picture got accepted at the 1st Swiss International Photo Contest 2013, category Colour.