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Yesterday it was time to portrait florist lover Pauline from Denmark. She loves green, forest and composition of natural materials.

Pauline is having a hard time right now, so we wanted to create a Beautiful but though tuff Picture that reflects her blues mood in this period of her Life.

That is why we called the Picture “The green blues”.  As you have noticed so is this just a teaser, I’ll keep the original a bit more for myself until we have the next exhibition.

Meanwhile, do you feel like beeing a JUST PEOPLE? Do you have Asian, African or Arabic blood in you? Do you live in Göteborg or nearby? Don’t hesitate to contact me and tell me all about your passion.


THE GREEN BLUES teaser copy



Today a new photoshoot for the Project took place. A strong woman that suffers from anxiety. I am thrilled and honored to had the chance to have her in my studio. That she took the courage to get out of her home to come to the studio, first for the interview and today for the photoshoot. When I saw her tears coming down watching her Picture today I realized how deeply this illness is rooted in a person and how this affects a normal unnormal day. I don’t Think I will ever understand it fully, not beeing in this situation, but I hope that I can help her somehow to liberate her a little bit from anxiety by showing the Picture to the World. Sharing experiences and talk about them openly, as terrifying, sad or hard they can be, is in my eyes a good way to fight against them.

Today it’s only a teaser and I will (as usually) let you know when the whole Picture will be presented for the first time.

Thank you Pia for the confidence you showed towards me and for letting me be a part of your story and your inner YOU.

Welcome to be a “Just People” person!



FIGHTING... This Picture was one of the first ones I took when I started the Project and I was looking for people that wanted to tell their story.
The Picture came to me. I felt the Heavy soul that was looking for a way out…. the big dark space that was oppressing. I could sense it and I was deeply concerned when I realized that suddenly I positioned the person not in the center but in a corner to emphasize her message of fighting against the evil part that we all have inside …. Part that can bring us to do things we don’t want but can’t do better in a specific period of Life. The strenght of a woman that fights for the better.

This Picture got accepted at the 1st Swiss International Photo Contest 2013, category Colour. www.newcameraclub.com



This picture was among the first ones I took in the project.

A dream is a dream, and sometimes it helps you to go through the entire life and doesn’t necessary have to become reality.
A dream can be lived with open eyes or closed ones. A dream is there for you and it’s only yours.

With this picture of 58 year young D. from the US I got admitted in the last PSA photo competition in Serbia.
I am very proud of it for D and for me as well. And for all people dreaming and trying to find balance in life.

Have a wonderful day!



ZAN cropped copy

Today I learned a new word: ZAN = WOMAN in farsi.
I had the pleasure to meet a strong woman that really wants to make a strong statement in favour of all women.
Yes, we can be both mother, woman and a business woman. Yes it works!

I am filled of energy, as I do always after such a strong new picture. The story of N. telling me that you get in prison in Iran because you ride a bike as a woman and “show therefore a covered butt” really get me into a deep thinking. Is that true? How come? I was taught to bike since I was a child, the most normal thing for me. And there are countries where this is forbidden?
What can possibily be wrong in feeling freedom from riding a bike? I don’t understand that. My mind hasn’t been programmed for that.

Today I show you only a teaser.

Another new picture will be done tomorrow and this last week I have been working on writing and translating texts for the book.
So, things are moving on.

More to come tomorrow.

Bye Cornelia


Who am I copyThis is the question we often pose to ourself. Me in first hand, halv german, half sicilian. Our roots are essential to understand part of us, the genetic part.
Ann-Sophie is searching her real “I” her too. She is halv philippines and halv sami, two very special cultures unified in one body. I do believe that crossed cultures and crossed blods give us understanding for the people of this planet and other cultures.