After the success at Museo Diotti in Casalmaggiore (Italy), the VITA È… exhibition arrives in Fombio at Castello Douglas Scotti for the Summer Fest organise by Insieme oltre le Onde

From 14 July to 16 June 2023 

A selection of 50 photographs of different human beings, with different stories, naked and authentic stories.

Inauguration on July 14th from 17.00.

There will be music, medieval games, artist and much more.

A big thank you also to AZ ASSICURAZIONI for their sposorship. 

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VITA E' - Esposizione Castello Douglas - Fombio

How to reach the
Castello Douglas Scotti 

Via Roma, 2, 26861 Fombio LO, Italien

A documentary about our times

The project will serve as documentation of our lives today. Nowadays people have tattoos, solid bodies that have spent many hours at a gym or large bodies that wouldn’t go near a gym. They have colourful hairstyles, certain accessories and icons in their lives.  


These stories from people from all over the world with different skin colours and different cultures tell us stories about how people today live, what they feel and what values they have. Some stories portray overwhelming emotions, like sadness and longing. Others portray a strong personal trait or passion, like music or chocolate.

All The Pictures Are Copyrighted © Cornelia Schmidt


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