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Just People


“Just People” is a nude photography series and book by Cornelia Schmidt. It is about individuality, diversity, and beauty in today’s world.

By removing the layers of societal norms and expectations that are often reflected in our clothing, Cornelia creates room for the true essence of personalities to shine. “Just People” started in 2012 and still holds true to its values today: respect, diversity, joy, and beauty.

The work has been collected in the book“Just People”, which includes a short text for each picture. Together, the compositions tell inspiring stories about the magic of individuality.

You can find our book here.

Why naked?

It is easy to judge people based on their clothes and accessories. Nowadays, it is also easy to hide behind digital photo editing and filters. Through nude photography, Corneliacan goes deeper into capturing the essence of a personality in this very moment. All participants decide for themselves how much of their body they would like to show.

A documentary about our times

The project will serve as documentation of our lives today. Nowadays people have tattoos, solid bodies that have spent many hours at a gym or large bodies that wouldn’t go near a gym. They have colourful hairstyles, certain accessories and icons in their lives.  


These stories from people from all over the world with different skin colours and different cultures tell us stories about how people today live, what they feel and what values they have. Some stories portray overwhelming emotions, like sadness and longing. Others portray a strong personal trait or passion, like music or chocolate.


Cornelia humbly sees the individual and works with complete respect for the person she is shooting. Then in her humorous and daring way, she collaborates with the person and they compose an interpretation that honestly portrays the special and unique essence of the individual. Cornelia’s passion for this project will give the book energy and a life of its own.

Just People is an original concept by
Cornelia Schmidt.

“Just People” is very close to Cornelia’s heart as a photographer, artist, and as person. Capturing and sharing the beauty of diversity and individuality has always been at the core of her work. Learn more about Cornelia and her work here. If you are interested in arranging an exhibition or in booking Cornelia with this concept, please feel free to get in touch

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