Cornelia Schmidt Photographer

Acceptance, Empowerment, Creativity

Just People - The Stories

Cornelia–thank you for your art. Your art is important in this world of confusion, but also to all whoare working for a positive world. If there are two words to describe your art it is: honesty and love.


Dear Cornelia, Thank you for one of the kind exhibition. Your pictures are truly unique. I feel they capture the soul of the person rather than their physical appearance. It is a unique skill. I feel the depth of the feelings that these women in your photography go through is fascinating. You are in it for the good struggle of letting others know their own truth. I think the moment we are comfortable with our truth–the world becomes better but society plays a role in letting people be who they are! I hope this happens soon! Thank you for your great passionate work.


What a neat treat to find myself so many hundred of thousands of steps away from home and stillfeel a deep connection to the women portrayed in the photos and to those standing next to me. Thishas been a heart-warming and lifting experience that every human being needs to be exposed to.Thank you. 



Earthshaking, Earthshattering.
Is there a Nobel Prize in photography?


Deeply moving. Thank you. 

Honor P

Great exhibition with an interesting theme that makes you think bout how you are living. 



Beautiful exhibition, it really moved me. I feel like I’m seeing nakedness in a new way. I’m not surehow it is different but I will explore and find out. Thank you so much. 


What a great collection! A celebration of women, sisterhood, motherhood, power, pain,determination. Truly, a festival of emotions! Thank you for honouring these amazing women andshowing them to the world. Your work is important. Love, 


Bravopour ces images fortes et originales!