Filling out papers

These last days I have been working on applications for getting any financial help to produce the book. There are several costs that are involved in producing a photobook. One of them are the translations from Swedish to English for instance. All the people photographed write in their mother tongue. Therefore I need to pay professionals […]


Hello everybody, it’s a crazy hectic X-mas time so I haven’t had much time to do a lot for the Project. But! Here 2 important dates. I will have a presentation for the local photo club the 9th of January. I have also been invited to participate to the Fotofestival in Åmål, which is […]


This week we had a jolly X-mas time all together in the Just People team. Sitting and sipping on alcohol free drinks and italian Christmas cake (Pandoro) we got to know all in the team and made the first choice on which Pictures will be in the first book. For me, who has been photographing […]

Applying day… art funding

Today I made it finally to send in the application for an art funding in able to produce our first book next year. All the work samples and the offers for all the people working around the Project and now sent in and now we only have to wait and cross our fingers. Copyrighters, art […]

Copenhagen Foto festival and projects for 2014

Yesterday we had our Project meeting and decided how everything will work out next year. Of course I will keep you updated. We got in our team, a wonderful journalist and copyrighter  that will take care of all the press questions. I am also filling out a bunch of papers to get some financial help […]

Interview and so on…

Today I had a visit from a journalist that made a long interview about Just People. It’s my local newspaper but I am happy to spread this Project everywhere, since it’s for you all out in the World. I wish you a Lovely Halloween Week-end. Next week there are a few shoots booked and a […]

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