Unveiling gender biases in nudity

Woman with jewels in her face. Misterious woman.

Unveiling gender biases in nudity On the occasion of Internation Women’s Day a certain picture came to our mind. We wanted to post it to commemorate the occasion. Not even ten minutes after posting it, we got a notification that the account would be banned if it wasn’t take down. This is not new for […]

Celebrating Love, Tattoos, and Breastfeeding

Family sitting reading a book. Mother is breastfeeding and the dog is laying his head on the book. Family is tattoed

Celebrating Love, Tattoos, and Breastfeeding The photo we see here depicts a happy family: a couple, heavily adorned with tattoos, where the mother lovingly cradles their infant as she breastfeeds. Despite its portrayal of familial love and connection, Instagram deemed the photo inappropriate and promptly took it down.The couple’s extensive tattoos are a form of […]

Controversial or not?


Controversial or not? Recently, we posted this picture on Instagram for Valentine’s Day. We were asked to take down the picture because it went against the community guidelines on Instagram. While we respect the decision and took appropriate action immediately, we would like to know what you think about this photo. Is it controversial or […]


After one year of pandemi we are proud to announce the newest exhibition. Just a few miles outside of the town of Falkenberg, Oskarström in Sweden you will see the exhibition BARA KVINNOR at Ateljé Oskar. Welcome to the vernissage : March 6th, 2021  13-16 Poster

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