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Some people are just born into a troubled family. Some Children Think that alcohol abuse, and abuse are normal, they don’t know better. That’s what they get at home. Some Children get love through hitting and get these are references for their future life.

Boys learn to hit from their father. That is how you show love to a woman…well at least it’s what they think is normal.

Girls become offer and to get love and attention they get into trouble relationships. Because they don’t know better or because they want to help.

But happily there are women that somehow understand that THIS is NOT right! They fight hard to get out of a difficult situation. Maybe the last time they get hitted that is when they realize, TIME TO REACT. Out of this distructive relation.  And they fight, fight  and fight and survive and get stronger. They know love is better then that and has nothing to do with alcohol or drugs.

They are survivors, like Annika that came to me today, with a strong surviving spirit and a will to change Everything from negative to positive.

I tease you with a part of her Picture a red rose and a White cloth, simbols for purity and love.

Break the chain

Finally after three month I was able to take a new picture for the Project. I met this wonderful and brave woman many years ago when we were collegues at the same school. Back then I had no idea what was going on in her life. T. was abused by her husband and had, unfortunately, as many other women in her position, a poker face when it came to show her real feelings for the World. Life had to continue no matter what.

We lost contact and we reconnected after many years via Facebook. She read about my Project and contacted me. I am proud that T. made it to the studio for a first interview where she openly spoke about her experience. I just shaked my had and got so surprised that I didn’t see anything of that. She is always the funny laughing girl.
We prepared mentally for this Picture and today we eventually, on her first holiday, were able to put her thoughts into a picture. I am sorry not to be able to show you yet the entire frame but just a teaser. BUT YES, she broke the chain from that situation and is now living a better Life, though still receovering and leaking her sours. She found the strongness in herself to say STOP for her sake and for her childrens sake.

A strong woman! I am proud of you!

Break the chain with a pair of bolt cutters
Break the chain with a pair of bolt cutters