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Do you have a friend from China, Vietnam, Nepal, Korea, or any other Asian country? I need your help. I need more people from the Asian continent for my Project JUST PEOPLE.
Everybody should have a …strong passion or a strong message that he/she wants to share with the rest of the World.
All persons will be photographed with only their skin as dress.
The Picture will be respectful and will mirrow the person’s inner soul.  Please help me to share it to anybody you know.
The photoshoot is held in Göteborg and no compentation will be paid.



How wonderful it is to learn new things about the intrests of the persons I meet.
Barthélemy is very fond of GO, an ancient strategic game from China. Here you find more informations about it from Wikipedia

I always loved strategic game and to think about what is the next move to make, it’s not even the fact to win, even though sometimes I would like to be more intelligent to win (smile).

Go has really several meanings and uses:
Go = verb to go
Gō (volume), a traditional Japanese unit of area and volume
You can find a lot of books, companies or songs that start with GO. A short word. A strong word.