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Annica is an amazing woman. She is what I can call it a persons with contrast in the positive way. She is YING and YANG.

A beautiful woman with an amazing smile that would kill just anybody. She lives in 2 different worlds. The man world, working at the harbour and having to do with a heavy manly work entoured by male workers. On the other side she works in a salong and fixes up brides and people that want to have a fancy make-up. All that is such an amazing blend. Of course I had to have her in my Project, this versatility intrigues me and I can image that there are other people like her out there blending the female and the male World. It’s indeed an intresting life with big contrasts and rules to adapt to.

Let’s enjoy the best of two Worlds cause every single one of them can give us something back. I tease you with the lower part of the Picture and a Picture of all the props used in this particular photo.

The best of 2 worlds
The best of 2 worlds
Teaser for "The best of 2 Worlds"
Teaser for “The best of 2 Worlds”


Fuck cancer cropped copyWe don’t like it, we are scared of it, we want to boot it.
It takes us awa people that we love. So today we wanted to send out a message to the cancer. Stay away!
Every day, someone is fighting against it. One of these heroes is E. that fighted against breast cancer and survived it. She loves hard-rock. I love hard-rock. We both don’t like cancer.
So we unified those 2 things and created “fuck cancer” picture for the project.
The original will be shown sooner or later. You will know. I will let you know.

So today I give you the boot, the hard-rock boot of E as a symbol.