Vegan fair in Göteborg end of 2015. I walk in a hall full of people. I hold my hand to my husband, we taste delicious food, vegan, Health friendly food, ecofriendly and we are happy to see that more people are following and living in a more healthy way. Then suddenly I see a wonderful […]


Life is a circle. This we know for sure. This circle has for me different layers. Our birth, our childhood, our teenage period, our adult time. Sometimes we get children, and then suddenly we are having grand children. We work. We retire. First our mother takes care of us. If we are lucky enough for […]

Sails of dreams

I am not laying on the lazy side right now. Today’s photoshoot was indeed a very funny experience. To try to recreate a windy rainy night on the sea and show the love of Jon-Erik to a sailing boat. He is truly passionate about water, sea and sailing boats. I am going to tease you today […]


Hand in hand with the “Anxiety” Picture I share you the other Picture taken this week called “I care for you”. A woman, living to help others, sharing her love and attention for persons in need. It’s “just” a woman, but with a big heart!

It’s easy…

It is … it’s not complicated… it’s the most normal thing in world. It’s the most beautiful feeling we can ever have. L O V E

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