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Still looking good

Clare is 42. Clare is a woman. Clare loves music, arts and is a dancer.
Clare has MS. She looks great. Her body gives her hard times but with the help of dance  she still looks good.

Together we want to bring more awareness. The orange MS ribbon is the symbol for this worldwide spread illness. Multiple Sclerosis. A neurological desease.

This Picture is only a small part, a teaser, of the original that we took this morning.

For more information on MS check out those pages:

MS England

Swedish MS förbund

if you want to donate some Money and you live in Sweden  Förskningsfonden MS

Have a wonderful week-end.





In the North of Europe people tend to like to go to sauna. Finnish people though, they love sauna. When I first got in contact with Jani on Facebook more then a year ago, we started thinking about what would suit him best for the project. What does Jani love to do and why?
Today finally we met personally in the studio and we took our Picture. Jani told me that for him going to the sauna is like escaping the World, findind a quiet place where he just can be, where the brain shuts off and he just is….
I tease you with this part of the Picture.

A leg, a foot, a hand, Birch leaves
A leg, a foot, a hand, Birch leaves

Have a great evening.


THE THINKERMUSIC RIDERIt’s amazing how I can feel after have taken a new picture for this amazing thrilling project that is making me more and more proud.
2 days, 2 new pictures, 2 wonderful persons that I had the opportunity to portrait. 2 photoshoots that will remain firmly in my mind for the rest of my life.

We start with a viking, a person that loves history. Tony loves to think and share himself to others through his amazing voice. But in the picture he will be “The thinker”.

And today it was a young man aged 19, Adrian that is entirely devoted to music, where he finds his peace and strenght.

I put 2 teasers up for you.


Fuck cancer cropped copyWe don’t like it, we are scared of it, we want to boot it.
It takes us awa people that we love. So today we wanted to send out a message to the cancer. Stay away!
Every day, someone is fighting against it. One of these heroes is E. that fighted against breast cancer and survived it. She loves hard-rock. I love hard-rock. We both don’t like cancer.
So we unified those 2 things and created “fuck cancer” picture for the project.
The original will be shown sooner or later. You will know. I will let you know.

So today I give you the boot, the hard-rock boot of E as a symbol.