Clare is 42. Clare is a woman. Clare loves music, arts and is a dancer. Clare has MS. She looks great. Her body gives her hard times but with the help of dance  she still looks good. Together we want to bring more awareness. The orange MS ribbon is the symbol for this worldwide spread illness. […]


In the North of Europe people tend to like to go to sauna. Finnish people though, they love sauna. When I first got in contact with Jani on Facebook more then a year ago, we started thinking about what would suit him best for the project. What does Jani love to do and why? Today […]


It’s amazing how I can feel after have taken a new picture for this amazing thrilling project that is making me more and more proud. 2 days, 2 new pictures, 2 wonderful persons that I had the opportunity to portrait. 2 photoshoots that will remain firmly in my mind for the rest of my life. […]


We don’t like it, we are scared of it, we want to boot it. It takes us awa people that we love. So today we wanted to send out a message to the cancer. Stay away! Every day, someone is fighting against it. One of these heroes is E. that fighted against breast cancer and […]


All the way from Switzerland my good friend “Sole” = sun came to be photographed for this project. As you can see from this little part of the picture the important ingredient are the colours. Colour roots that give us energy in life. We had a lot of fun during the painting of the body […]


…was in the studio today and another picture was born. I just leave you with the foot print and the imagination of how the picture might be…

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