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Vegan fair in Göteborg end of 2015. I walk in a hall full of people. I hold my hand to my husband, we taste delicious food, vegan, Health friendly food, ecofriendly and we are happy to see that more people are following and living in a more healthy way. Then suddenly I see a wonderful couple with long rasta hair. They seem so in love and I can’t just let them pass me by. I have to ask them. I have to tell them. So I go straight forward and I say my name and that I would love to have them in my photoproject.

Today we created together a wonderful caring picture. The picture is not fully finished yet and I want to keep it for the book to come. But I tease you with a tiny part of it.

The title “Take care of eachother” is a message to all of us, to take care of the wonderful body we have got to live our Life. To worship our relations and be there with a helping hend for people in need. TAKE CARE OF EACHOTHER teaser



Some people are just born into a troubled family. Some Children Think that alcohol abuse, and abuse are normal, they don’t know better. That’s what they get at home. Some Children get love through hitting and get these are references for their future life.

Boys learn to hit from their father. That is how you show love to a woman…well at least it’s what they think is normal.

Girls become offer and to get love and attention they get into trouble relationships. Because they don’t know better or because they want to help.

But happily there are women that somehow understand that THIS is NOT right! They fight hard to get out of a difficult situation. Maybe the last time they get hitted that is when they realize, TIME TO REACT. Out of this distructive relation.  And they fight, fight  and fight and survive and get stronger. They know love is better then that and has nothing to do with alcohol or drugs.

They are survivors, like Annika that came to me today, with a strong surviving spirit and a will to change Everything from negative to positive.

I tease you with a part of her Picture a red rose and a White cloth, simbols for purity and love.


Life is a circle. This we know for sure. This circle has for me different layers.

Our birth, our childhood, our teenage period, our adult time. Sometimes we get children, and then suddenly we are having grand children. We work. We retire. First our mother takes care of us. If we are lucky enough for a very long time. Then suddenly things can change and it’s our turn to take care about our mother. it’s a normal turn I want to believe.

Today I am filled with energy.  I finally had the big opportunity to photograph a wonderful lady from the Island of Gotland together with her beautiful daughter. I look at the  and my heart fills with love and compassion. I get drifted away into my own relations ship with my mother that unfortunately passed away 5 years ago, far too early if you ask me. But I can sense the same feeling by watching at it. And I do hope that many women can relate to this feeling.

I am so sorry that you will have to wait to see the whole Picture until the books comes out or maybe soon in an exhibition later on this year. So for today it’s only a tiny part, a teaser Before the week-end.

A daughter enjoying her time with her mother
A daughter enjoying her time with her mother

Dancing with death

She knew since she was 20 that her Life would have been short. They predicted it to her.

In 2005 she got cancer. She accepted it. She said her time had come and decided not to do anything against it. Just live Life go her on way.

She enjoyed Life, Went on, living as it would be her last day, every day, since.

Live NOW. TODAY. You don’t know when it’s YOUR call, she says to me.

This year the doctor told her… “you have only a short time left to live” … heart problems.

She is 59. Alive. Happy and full of energy. Wise. And Death is a friend to her. She lives with Death side by side as a dancing partner through Life. Because sooner or later it is , it will be part of any of us.

hand holding skeleton
hand holding skeleton

Sails of dreams

I am not laying on the lazy side right now. Today’s photoshoot was indeed a very funny experience. To try to recreate a windy rainy night on the sea and show the love of Jon-Erik to a sailing boat. He is truly passionate about water, sea and sailing boats.

A man caressing a sail
A man caressing a sail

I am going to tease you today with a tiny part of the Picture first.

Jon-Erik who I met a few years ago during a photowalk in town remembers our first encounter as…. “I had a city map in the pocket of my jeans and you photographed that” ….. “Oh” – I replied “Great start I photographed your butt, really?” so we had a good laugh recalling that first meeting.


Sometimes it just happens. You cannot Control it. It just happens and it’s good.
Today a wonderful soul came to my studio not to be photographed but to collect Money (by Reading my hand) for a Little village in India, where women are forced into Selling their body to get food for their families.
From the moment Simran stepped into the studio I knew he would be part of Just People. We spent an hour talking about Life, religious and his Project. He was on his way out when I told him that I really wanted him to be part in my Project. He had only 15 minutes Before his next meeting and he would leave Göteborg tomorrow. So I told him. I need 5 minutes. Let’s do it.
I Think this was the quickest Picture ever taken in the Project with a simple but strong message: “Don’t forget, we are humans!”
Here is my teaser for you!



Finally!!!  I found this cool man thanks to a photo exhibition about Beard in Göteborg.

I asked photographer Anders Bergstedt if I could borrow one of his models from his book (check this out http://skaggbloggen.se/).

He gave me a link on Instagram and then I just fell for this fellow!

It’s just a teaser as usually, so the whole Picture you will have to wait until next year!

Have a Lovely week-end!

beard'n pipe cropped copy


Desperate hope

So and to finish this week I add another piece of the last picture taken today where make-up artist Linda-Marie had to work hard to get the blod at the right spot. But we did it! All to add the necessary drama for the message Jonas wants to share to the world. His words will be readable in the upcoming book, when everything is ready. Words that will bring desperation and hope together!
It’s a long procedure to make a book and I don’t know when it will be completed, but I am on my way. Be patient and continue follow the project. Thank you! 🙂 Cornelia


Go out to the nature and get what you need for a photoshoot…. this is what happened yesterday. A rainy dark night out in the swedish forest (just behind my house) to catch a piece of nature for this picture. Per he loves nature so we wanted to represent that in the picture. This morning we added som rotten, wet leaves from outside the studio and the picture was there, ready to be taken.


part of the original pictureI will never stop to be in love and surprised how children are wonderful. Mother nature really does a great job.
So of course even children will find their place in my project. Today it was litte A., 2 1/2 years old that at this
stage of his life, loves excavators and sand.
It must have felt very strange for this little young man to find himself naked in a photostudio with sand on the
floor and yes the oppourtunity to play with it. Everybody else would be afraid having sand inside their house,
but everything went so fine and he didn’t even realized I was taking the picture. Have to thank though his mother
a photographer. He knows that the camera isn’t a dangerous thing. 🙂