Life is a circle. This we know for sure. This circle has for me different layers. Our birth, our childhood, our teenage period, our adult time. Sometimes we get children, and then suddenly we are having grand children. We work. We retire. First our mother takes care of us. If we are lucky enough for […]


2 weeks ago I participated to Another Contest this time in France. And yes, of 4 Pictures one of them god accepted. Here you will see the complete Picture of “A RED CARNATION FOR YOU”. 70 year Young Bruno loves Theatre, playing piano and the working class. A glimps of happiness and Music feeling.


This picture was among the first ones I took in the project. A dream is a dream, and sometimes it helps you to go through the entire life and doesn’t necessary have to become reality. A dream can be lived with open eyes or closed ones. A dream is there for you and it’s only […]

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