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It’s summer time in Sweden. The tempo has slowed down a bit and in the warm days even I prefer to be outside instead of being in from of my computer.

Anyhow, today it’s time to print some posters for the upcoming exhibition in Österlen.

If you want to join us for the vernissage here we go, all the informations you need and if you want to meet me personally I will be there only that day.



To own a dog is a big responsibility. To own a mastiff is an even bigger responsibility….the dog is BIG. It’s a completely different Lifestyle to live for and with dogs. It’s like having children.

Today it was Mia’s turn to be photographed for the project together with her two mastiffs Joyce and Bess (in the Picture 5 year old Joyce). I tease you with a very tiny part of the Picture. It was a fun shoot especially when the dogs want to reward you with a slimy kiss on your face. You have to hold steady to your camera.

Happy dog
Happy dog

Kulturmagasinet Åmål – Fotofest 2014

I really enjoy having some of my Just People pictures hanging in this old Church where everybody can come in and enjoy my Little exhibitions together with all the other ones.
Welcome the entire week here and in all the other 12 places, where a lot of talented photographers are showing their works.

A small part of my Project hanging in this old Church from 1600
A small part of my Project hanging in this old Church from 1600

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Sometimes it just happens. You cannot Control it. It just happens and it’s good.
Today a wonderful soul came to my studio not to be photographed but to collect Money (by Reading my hand) for a Little village in India, where women are forced into Selling their body to get food for their families.
From the moment Simran stepped into the studio I knew he would be part of Just People. We spent an hour talking about Life, religious and his Project. He was on his way out when I told him that I really wanted him to be part in my Project. He had only 15 minutes Before his next meeting and he would leave Göteborg tomorrow. So I told him. I need 5 minutes. Let’s do it.
I Think this was the quickest Picture ever taken in the Project with a simple but strong message: “Don’t forget, we are humans!”
Here is my teaser for you!


My first talk – Pan Fotoklubb

Pan Fotoklubb 15.11.2013Last week I was invited at the PAN Photoclub in Göteborg to talk about my Project for the first time.


The talk was visited by some of the members of the club and I can admit that it Went fine. I answered to all the questions people asked me and I hope I could give them a hint about the Project.

My next talk will be in January for Another photoclub.