A few weeks ago I put out on an international female business forum a search for people to tell their stories. Sadie from the United States of America wrote me immediately and told me all about the rollercoster she had to be together with the man of her Life. How visa, permissions, papers came across their way […]


Vegan fair in Göteborg end of 2015. I walk in a hall full of people. I hold my hand to my husband, we taste delicious food, vegan, Health friendly food, ecofriendly and we are happy to see that more people are following and living in a more healthy way. Then suddenly I see a wonderful […]


From today until Sunday the 14th of June in the town where I live, Gothenburg, we celebrate Westpride :-). We, in the team Just People are proud :-). One of the first pictures I photographed for the project had a wonderful HBTQ couple involved, Karin & Bernie. To show our support to Westpride we would […]


Ing Marie saw one of my lectures at the Swedish Church earlier this Spring and came to me afterwards with the desire to be part of the project. We talked together and after her story we decided that we wanted to take a generation picture. Mother and daughter lived a part so many years from […]

Teaser “Soulmates”

Hello everybody, sorry for the long silence. I just ended up in the hospital for a Little while and are recovering now. Meanwhile film director Marita is clipping the film that we shooted a month ago. Long hours in front of the computer. But it will turn out great. I also photographed a brand new […]

Sails of dreams

I am not laying on the lazy side right now. Today’s photoshoot was indeed a very funny experience. To try to recreate a windy rainy night on the sea and show the love of Jon-Erik to a sailing boat. He is truly passionate about water, sea and sailing boats. I am going to tease you today […]

It’s easy…

It is … it’s not complicated… it’s the most normal thing in world. It’s the most beautiful feeling we can ever have. L O V E

ECCE ANIMA got accepted

ECCE ANIMA AND JUST ME got accepted at the internation photo contest of Foto Club Novi I am really proud of those 2 pictures and happy that other people voted for them.


Woman – man / Woman – Woman / Man – Man Who can judge what is right or wrong? Isn’t love that matters? I am so proud of this two wonderful human beings that against all odds found eachother and openly show their love to the world. Because it’s “Ecce Anima”!

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