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The vikings

The vikings

Sometimes it just happens and you get the persons you want in front of the camera. This happened by accident when I asked friends on FB if they knew people with character faces. One of my collegues got me in contact with Per, a Swedish men from the North that really looks like a viking. We had planned a different kind of Picture though sometimes it just happens that you have something in your head and then you get a completely different picture. And it turns out to be even better! So here I tease you with a part of this Picture that I took today of 2 vikings, Per and his dog Benson.


Those last Days I had a few interview for the Project with a few women with Lovely passions. We booked the date for the photoshoots so august will be a good month for taking brand new Pictures for the Project.

I am also working on a pressrelease together with a journalist.

The Picture for the exhibition at Planket in Göteborg are here and has to be finalized ready for hanging. It’s 1 1/2 month to go!
http://planketgbg.se/ you will find all the informations.

I am not laying on the lazy side as you can see.

I have also been asked for a Picture to be published in a few month in an art Magazine in Brazil. Here is the Picture and as soon as it get published I will post it here of course.

IMG_8424 copy



If you have never been in the middle of a real war, it’s difficult to see you in such a situation.
Be thankful for what you have. Today’s photoshoot was all about this.
A 10 year old child had to escape from Rwanda with his family to find peace. Away from his country, his ancestors, his relatives, his nature, his food.
Bounced like a boll from one country to another as many of the asylimmigrants we have in Sweden.
The ananas is the symbol for everything we should be thankful for. A house, food, clothes, health, luck.

It’s just a teaser I post you today and you will have to wait for the original picture to come, but it’s worth waiting for it.

Have a great week-end. C/


The most important thing for this project, is the meeting before the actual photoshoot with the intrested person. It’s here we create the picture.
It’s in this very moment we decide what the person wants to say, which props we need and what mood we want to show.
The photoshoot self takes only a few minutes but it’s here under an one hour talk that the idea gets its feet, grows and becomes a Just People picture at the end.
Today I met a 70 year old man for the first time. We drack a cup of coffee and he told me about his 30 years life in a factory and his passion for theatre, piano and politics.
It will be a very intreseting picture to take in a few weeks. I have to find a special red flower first.


Desperate hope

So and to finish this week I add another piece of the last picture taken today where make-up artist Linda-Marie had to work hard to get the blod at the right spot. But we did it! All to add the necessary drama for the message Jonas wants to share to the world. His words will be readable in the upcoming book, when everything is ready. Words that will bring desperation and hope together!
It’s a long procedure to make a book and I don’t know when it will be completed, but I am on my way. Be patient and continue follow the project. Thank you! 🙂 Cornelia


THE THINKERMUSIC RIDERIt’s amazing how I can feel after have taken a new picture for this amazing thrilling project that is making me more and more proud.
2 days, 2 new pictures, 2 wonderful persons that I had the opportunity to portrait. 2 photoshoots that will remain firmly in my mind for the rest of my life.

We start with a viking, a person that loves history. Tony loves to think and share himself to others through his amazing voice. But in the picture he will be “The thinker”.

And today it was a young man aged 19, Adrian that is entirely devoted to music, where he finds his peace and strenght.

I put 2 teasers up for you.


Back on track after a long holiday where I could charge the batteries, book new photoshoots and work on applications for future exhibitions.
Today I uploaded 4 pictures from the project to a Greek Photo contest. Let’s see how people, judges react on them. Maybe good, maybe not, but hope I get one nomination. Would be nice.
One of the uploaded pictures is this one and you get in as the original!
Enjoy and please be free to give me some feedback.

Marco loves Speleology, loves to discover traces of past lives in caves most in Italy. Crawling, getting the body full of mud isn’t a problem.
I think the curiosity of maybe finding something historical is bigger then the fact that it can be cold, windy, wet and very narrow in some parts of the caves.


Go out to the nature and get what you need for a photoshoot…. this is what happened yesterday. A rainy dark night out in the swedish forest (just behind my house) to catch a piece of nature for this picture. Per he loves nature so we wanted to represent that in the picture. This morning we added som rotten, wet leaves from outside the studio and the picture was there, ready to be taken.