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Copenhagen Foto festival and projects for 2014

Yesterday we had our Project meeting and decided how everything will work out next year. Of course I will keep you updated.

We got in our team, a wonderful journalist and copyrighter  that will take care of all the press questions.

I am also filling out a bunch of papers to get some financial help from some cultural organisations in Sweden for the upcoming under Projects of Just People.

And I filled out and posted the application for the upcoming Photofestival in Copenhagen next year. It would be great to be part of it.

As far as it concern the book, I asked for some offers to see how much they prints costs will be. It’s Amazing how much job and Money it costs to make a book.


Copenhagen fotofestival


The most important thing for this project, is the meeting before the actual photoshoot with the intrested person. It’s here we create the picture.
It’s in this very moment we decide what the person wants to say, which props we need and what mood we want to show.
The photoshoot self takes only a few minutes but it’s here under an one hour talk that the idea gets its feet, grows and becomes a Just People picture at the end.
Today I met a 70 year old man for the first time. We drack a cup of coffee and he told me about his 30 years life in a factory and his passion for theatre, piano and politics.
It will be a very intreseting picture to take in a few weeks. I have to find a special red flower first.