A few years ago I asked Fernando who had a lovely lunch place just around the corner of my studio, if he wanted to be part of my Project. I knew he was a good chef but he also has a special passion for knives. So it became pretty much easy to figure out which […]

Teaser “Soulmates”

Hello everybody, sorry for the long silence. I just ended up in the hospital for a Little while and are recovering now. Meanwhile film director Marita is clipping the film that we shooted a month ago. Long hours in front of the computer. But it will turn out great. I also photographed a brand new […]


Back on track after a long holiday where I could charge the batteries, book new photoshoots and work on applications for future exhibitions. Today I uploaded 4 pictures from the project to a Greek Photo contest. Let’s see how people, judges react on them. Maybe good, maybe not, but hope I get one nomination. Would […]


Go out to the nature and get what you need for a photoshoot…. this is what happened yesterday. A rainy dark night out in the swedish forest (just behind my house) to catch a piece of nature for this picture. Per he loves nature so we wanted to represent that in the picture. This morning […]


To talk with dancers is always fascinating. Just turn on the music, their body move. They don’t even realize it! It’s amazing. It’s so gentle and elegant. They put a smile on their face and it seems they are far away from us. This morning it was one of this meeting that made the next […]


This morning another of the picture was born. “Hats in my heart” with fullblooded estonian Matti, 62. As usually you will have to wait for the complete picture but I share with you a small part of it!

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