People out in the World, I am just a little bit curious. Trying to figure out which Picture will come into the first book. Do you want to help me? 🙂 [polldaddy poll=7545344]


Today a new photoshoot for the Project took place. A strong woman that suffers from anxiety. I am thrilled and honored to had the chance to have her in my studio. That she took the courage to get out of her home to come to the studio, first for the interview and today for the […]


This picture was among the first ones I took in the project. A dream is a dream, and sometimes it helps you to go through the entire life and doesn’t necessary have to become reality. A dream can be lived with open eyes or closed ones. A dream is there for you and it’s only […]


was the object close to Bruno that came to the studio today for his special picture. We had a very funny moment and we felt we were in a revue show for a short time. The piano, the red carnation, and wonderful 70 year old Bruno.


I will never stop to be in love and surprised how children are wonderful. Mother nature really does a great job. So of course even children will find their place in my project. Today it was litte A., 2 1/2 years old that at this stage of his life, loves excavators and sand. It must […]


This morning another of the picture was born. “Hats in my heart” with fullblooded estonian Matti, 62. As usually you will have to wait for the complete picture but I share with you a small part of it!


After over 6 months of photographing about the half of the persons for my photoproject I finally can present the preview of “JUST PEOPLE”. Welcome to my Vernissage under the cultural night in Göteborg.

Just People is born

Oktober 2011 I got a Phone call from à 59 year young man that wanted me to portrait him nude. After a first meeting in the studio to get to know eachother we booked a time. During the photosession I realized that something big was going to happen. Joakim was amazing in front of the […]

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