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Yesterday 13th of March 2015,  I was invited at the local Rotary Club of Hjo to present the photo Project. About 25 person had the chance to hear me talking. Thank you for the kind welcoming, the good lunch and the lovely chocolates and fudges. And let’s hope for an exhibition in Hjo later on this year! That would be really wonderful.

Thank you to Kåre Höjlund for the following backstage Pictures

Before the presentation Anders and me
IMG_5792 web
The Rotary opens the meeting
IMG_5796 web
…waiting to be introduced….
Who is behind the camera?

My first talk – Pan Fotoklubb

Pan Fotoklubb 15.11.2013Last week I was invited at the PAN Photoclub in Göteborg to talk about my Project for the first time.


The talk was visited by some of the members of the club and I can admit that it Went fine. I answered to all the questions people asked me and I hope I could give them a hint about the Project.

My next talk will be in January for Another photoclub.

Power Point

This is a journey

Spent the whole morning fixing a presentation about the Project. I got an invitation fromthe local photo club to present Just People in a week.

Just a few more things to fix and then I will be ready, well as ready as I can be with my material. It will be a whole other thing when I have to talk in front of the public.

My Art Director fixed a few more things so I am ready now to apply to the Copenhagen International Festival next year, I just have to choose 10 Pictures to send along the application.

Not an easy task, but I Think I will go with the publics favourite ones.

Wish you all a great day and week.