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…is the title of this Picture taken a year ago. Maria loves yoga. From childhood until the ago of 28 she was suffering from Orthorexia nervosa
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orthorexia) and Anorexia. Yoga was a way to come back and gave her a creative strenght. Today she teaches yoga and helps others with similar disorders to find their way back to a healthy Life.



Today a new photoshoot for the Project took place. A strong woman that suffers from anxiety. I am thrilled and honored to had the chance to have her in my studio. That she took the courage to get out of her home to come to the studio, first for the interview and today for the photoshoot. When I saw her tears coming down watching her Picture today I realized how deeply this illness is rooted in a person and how this affects a normal unnormal day. I don’t Think I will ever understand it fully, not beeing in this situation, but I hope that I can help her somehow to liberate her a little bit from anxiety by showing the Picture to the World. Sharing experiences and talk about them openly, as terrifying, sad or hard they can be, is in my eyes a good way to fight against them.

Today it’s only a teaser and I will (as usually) let you know when the whole Picture will be presented for the first time.

Thank you Pia for the confidence you showed towards me and for letting me be a part of your story and your inner YOU.

Welcome to be a “Just People” person!