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This sofa, played an important role in today’s photoshoot. Thank you Växtverket in Kålltorp, our flower shop neighbour. Me and assistant Lana were moving that heavy thing just over the street but we had to stop a few times…cause it was heavy and really not easy to transport. Who says that photographers are not strong persons!

a sofa in the studio
a sofa in the studio


part of the original pictureI will never stop to be in love and surprised how children are wonderful. Mother nature really does a great job.
So of course even children will find their place in my project. Today it was litte A., 2 1/2 years old that at this
stage of his life, loves excavators and sand.
It must have felt very strange for this little young man to find himself naked in a photostudio with sand on the
floor and yes the oppourtunity to play with it. Everybody else would be afraid having sand inside their house,
but everything went so fine and he didn’t even realized I was taking the picture. Have to thank though his mother
a photographer. He knows that the camera isn’t a dangerous thing. 🙂

Just People is born

Just me

Oktober 2011 I got a Phone call from à 59 year young man that wanted me to portrait him nude. After a first meeting in the studio to get to know eachother we booked a time. During the photosession I realized that something big was going to happen. Joakim was amazing in front of the camera. The cover for this project was born without knowing it by then.