Just People goes Ireland

Just people is in Ireland Just people has finally arrived in Ireland for “Just people of Éire”. It’s now your turn to act. Come and tell us your story, be it a hobby that you are proud of or a struggle that you want to tell the world about.  Just people is a photo project […]

Unveiling gender biases in nudity

Woman with jewels in her face. Misterious woman.

Unveiling gender biases in nudity On the occasion of Internation Women’s Day a certain picture came to our mind. We wanted to post it to commemorate the occasion. Not even ten minutes after posting it, we got a notification that the account would be banned if it wasn’t take down. This is not new for […]

Celebrating Love, Tattoos, and Breastfeeding

Family sitting reading a book. Mother is breastfeeding and the dog is laying his head on the book. Family is tattoed

Celebrating Love, Tattoos, and Breastfeeding The photo we see here depicts a happy family: a couple, heavily adorned with tattoos, where the mother lovingly cradles their infant as she breastfeeds. Despite its portrayal of familial love and connection, Instagram deemed the photo inappropriate and promptly took it down.The couple’s extensive tattoos are a form of […]

Controversial or not?


Controversial or not? Recently, we posted this picture on Instagram for Valentine’s Day. We were asked to take down the picture because it went against the community guidelines on Instagram. While we respect the decision and took appropriate action immediately, we would like to know what you think about this photo. Is it controversial or […]


We are currently working on a brand new exhibition in Sweden at the museum of Alingsås that will be held during and for the 8th of March (the international women’s day).  


Time for a new lecture this time at Ericsson AB in Gothenburg. The first part of the evening will be dedicated to how I photograph people and how I think and act. After a break I will go on presenting the project Just People.


I would like to thank you everybody for coming to the vernissage of the exhibition Akzeptanz in Weimar last week. It was a wonderful evening organized by Galerie Markt 21, Petra Endter who made the introduction interview with me, photographer Maik Schuk www.maikschuck.de for those lovely pictures, the MOSAICO DUO who played fantastic Bach pieces […]

We go international

For the first time I will held a presentation outside of Sweden. The RAWACADEMY in Cremona invited me to come and talk about the Project. I am very honoured and happy to spread the message outside of Sweden. Link to the FB Group of Raw Academy:


A few years ago I asked Fernando who had a lovely lunch place just around the corner of my studio, if he wanted to be part of my Project. I knew he was a good chef but he also has a special passion for knives. So it became pretty much easy to figure out which […]

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