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Today’s brand new Picture in the Project is about Emigration. It’s a hot theme. People are fleeding war zones to come to Europe. But don’t forget that actually people fled Europe for Canada, America, Australia to find a better life, due to poverty and lack of food. And this not so many years ago. To be tolerant and understanding and help will only improve our quality of Life!

This is just a teaser you will see the entire picture in my next exhibition in Hjo next year.



Sunday the 11th of October I will be helding a lecture about the project Just People at 12.00 am for about 45 minutes. You can book your ticket right now and secure you a place. Price: 100kr.  In the price there is coffee and some sweet included.  

Swish the amount to: 1231065929  Write your name and email. I will send a receipt back. 



This morning I am sitting down to prepare my upcoming exhibition. So far so good the dates are 9-10-11 of October. It will be held at the Hotel Tollered  in Tollered. Poster and information next week.  They are at the printer right now and some of the VIP invatation have already been sent out.

We are also doing a brand new home page hopefull ready in 2 weeks. So in case you don’t see any posts it’s because we are working hard to get Everything done Before the next exhibition.

Have a great day!

Cornelia & the rest of the team