Blogging again...

Photographer Cornelia Schmidt holding up her first picture JUST ME
Photo: Robyn Mac Millan

Hello everybody, my name is Cornelia Schmidt and it is now time to take over the blogging again. The social media platforms make it more and more difficult to share the pictures of the project, so I decided to go instead for a blog with the original pictures here, while on the instagram and Facebook accounts the pictures will be partly cut-off. 

I hope you will follow and support the project here too as well as the beautiful stories about the fantastic people I’ve met during these 11 years. 

It all started 2012 when I photographed Joakim (the picture I am holding). He just wanted to have a lovely fine art picture taken. His reaction surprised me a lot. He felt seen and loved for who he was without being judged. So, a little sparkle started to shine in my brain and I decided to try to photograph my friend in the same style and see where it would all go. 

To be continued…

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