Any accident that occur to us make us change our thoughts and our way to live our Life. Anita got badly injured in a car crash in 2011.

She remembers the white light and that everything was so calm and wonderful. She was like in a dream.
Still sitting in the car she wanted to just walk up and go back to work, what she didn’t realize was that she couldn’t walk at that time and she wouldn’t do it for a long time ahead.

She still doesn’t recall how she got into the hospital. As soon as she realized though what happened, she started fighting. She got a new LIFE.

She was living.  She had to do the best of each day and today she can walk again, after many operations. She is a fighter and a survivor.


I will tease you with a part of this new Picture and hope to soon be able to present it to one of my new exhibitions.

Woman sitting in a crushed car
Woman sitting in a crushed car

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