RESPECT cropped copyThere are many ways to get you respect. The first it to respect yourself and the persons you meet.
There are many ways to do it to get you respect. My mother always said to me when I was a child:”Cornelia remember, if you wear clothes with wholes people will look down on you”.
This morning 6.30 am it was time for a new picture with the theme clothes and respect. How a man gets his rispect in society and how he respects his customers or the persons he meets everyday by wearing the right kind of clothes.

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    1. Yes indeed, in some cultures it’s how you dress that people think you are reliable in business, of course results too but unfortunately the look is the firstbthing you see

  1. Thanks for sharing your project with me.
    It seems very interesting, and your 59 year old prow figure is fantastic, his bpwler hat really symbolizes Goteborg and his cigar hints at the important status he has achieved by
    apparently “being dressed for the occasion”.
    I have put your lien in my FAVOURITS in order to follow your thread of thoughts.
    Congratulations Cornelia!

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