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To own a dog is a big responsibility. To own a mastiff is an even bigger responsibility….the dog is BIG. It’s a completely different Lifestyle to live for and with dogs. It’s like having children.

Today it was Mia’s turn to be photographed for the project together with her two mastiffs Joyce and Bess (in the Picture 5 year old Joyce). I tease you with a very tiny part of the Picture. It was a fun shoot especially when the dogs want to reward you with a slimy kiss on your face. You have to hold steady to your camera.

Happy dog
Happy dog

Dancing with death

She knew since she was 20 that her Life would have been short. They predicted it to her.

In 2005 she got cancer. She accepted it. She said her time had come and decided not to do anything against it. Just live Life go her on way.

She enjoyed Life, Went on, living as it would be her last day, every day, since.

Live NOW. TODAY. You don’t know when it’s YOUR call, she says to me.

This year the doctor told her… “you have only a short time left to live” … heart problems.

She is 59. Alive. Happy and full of energy. Wise. And Death is a friend to her. She lives with Death side by side as a dancing partner through Life. Because sooner or later it is , it will be part of any of us.

hand holding skeleton
hand holding skeleton

Sails of dreams

I am not laying on the lazy side right now. Today’s photoshoot was indeed a very funny experience. To try to recreate a windy rainy night on the sea and show the love of Jon-Erik to a sailing boat. He is truly passionate about water, sea and sailing boats.

A man caressing a sail
A man caressing a sail

I am going to tease you today with a tiny part of the Picture first.

Jon-Erik who I met a few years ago during a photowalk in town remembers our first encounter as…. “I had a city map in the pocket of my jeans and you photographed that” ….. “Oh” – I replied “Great start I photographed your butt, really?” so we had a good laugh recalling that first meeting.


The time is “NOW”, not Before and not after. We are living in a NOW moment. Nothing new for most of us, but still we tend to forget to live at this very moment.

One of the first pictures taken for Just People was of Alf. Alf knows how to enjoy Life by living NOW. He started building “NOW” Clocks to remind people to stop where they are and enjoy the moment they live in.  This is the only time existing.

Man holding a timeless Clock and wondering
Man holding a timeless Clock and wondering


Annica is an amazing woman. She is what I can call it a persons with contrast in the positive way. She is YING and YANG.

A beautiful woman with an amazing smile that would kill just anybody. She lives in 2 different worlds. The man world, working at the harbour and having to do with a heavy manly work entoured by male workers. On the other side she works in a salong and fixes up brides and people that want to have a fancy make-up. All that is such an amazing blend. Of course I had to have her in my Project, this versatility intrigues me and I can image that there are other people like her out there blending the female and the male World. It’s indeed an intresting life with big contrasts and rules to adapt to.

Let’s enjoy the best of two Worlds cause every single one of them can give us something back. I tease you with the lower part of the Picture and a Picture of all the props used in this particular photo.

The best of 2 worlds
The best of 2 worlds
Teaser for "The best of 2 Worlds"
Teaser for “The best of 2 Worlds”

Don’t wait for tomorrow

Any accident that occur to us make us change our thoughts and our way to live our Life. Anita got badly injured in a car crash in 2011.

She remembers the white light and that everything was so calm and wonderful. She was like in a dream.
Still sitting in the car she wanted to just walk up and go back to work, what she didn’t realize was that she couldn’t walk at that time and she wouldn’t do it for a long time ahead.

She still doesn’t recall how she got into the hospital. As soon as she realized though what happened, she started fighting. She got a new LIFE.

She was living.  She had to do the best of each day and today she can walk again, after many operations. She is a fighter and a survivor.


I will tease you with a part of this new Picture and hope to soon be able to present it to one of my new exhibitions.

Woman sitting in a crushed car
Woman sitting in a crushed car