From today until Sunday the 14th of June in the town where I live, Gothenburg, we celebrate Westpride :-). We, in the team Just People are proud :-). One of the first pictures I photographed for the project had a wonderful HBTQ couple involved, Karin & Bernie. To show our support to Westpride we would […]


Very happy to share with you my very first art Review for my photo exhibition. Éven if it is in English it’s a fair one and I am happy about it and proud that someone took time to sit down and Think about my exhibition and want to write about it. AS MUCH SOUL AS […]


Since the day we are born we deal with time, different times of the day, of the week, of the year. Times of life. Youth, teenage, adult, parent and last but not least when we retire. Patience is almost impossible as a young human beeing. I am one of them. I can still want things […]

It’s easy…

It is … it’s not complicated… it’s the most normal thing in world. It’s the most beautiful feeling we can ever have. L O V E

ECCE ANIMA got accepted

ECCE ANIMA AND JUST ME got accepted at the internation photo contest of Foto Club Novi http://www.fkns.rs/main/index.php?op=3&l=1 I am really proud of those 2 pictures and happy that other people voted for them.

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