Every year we have in Sweden a collect for something big. This time Musikhjälpen is collecting Money for pregnant women in need. To help to rais as much Money as possible I have put one of my Just People Picture on auction. I hope you will spend a loooooooot of Money on it to help […]


…is the title of this Picture taken a year ago. Maria loves yoga. From childhood until the ago of 28 she was suffering from Orthorexia nervosa ( and Anorexia. Yoga was a way to come back and gave her a creative strenght. Today she teaches yoga and helps others with similar disorders to find their […]


This picture was among the first ones I took in the project. A dream is a dream, and sometimes it helps you to go through the entire life and doesn’t necessary have to become reality. A dream can be lived with open eyes or closed ones. A dream is there for you and it’s only […]


Today I learned a new word: ZAN = WOMAN in farsi. I had the pleasure to meet a strong woman that really wants to make a strong statement in favour of all women. Yes, we can be both mother, woman and a business woman. Yes it works! I am filled of energy, as I do […]

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