ZAN cropped copy

Today I learned a new word: ZAN = WOMAN in farsi.
I had the pleasure to meet a strong woman that really wants to make a strong statement in favour of all women.
Yes, we can be both mother, woman and a business woman. Yes it works!

I am filled of energy, as I do always after such a strong new picture. The story of N. telling me that you get in prison in Iran because you ride a bike as a woman and “show therefore a covered butt” really get me into a deep thinking. Is that true? How come? I was taught to bike since I was a child, the most normal thing for me. And there are countries where this is forbidden?
What can possibily be wrong in feeling freedom from riding a bike? I don’t understand that. My mind hasn’t been programmed for that.

Today I show you only a teaser.

Another new picture will be done tomorrow and this last week I have been working on writing and translating texts for the book.
So, things are moving on.

More to come tomorrow.

Bye Cornelia

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