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Posing in favour of the recycled design
Posing in favour of the recycled design

We live in a World of consumption. We buy. We throw away. We buy. We throw away.

But there are several ways to change this behaviour. You can give away the stuff you buy to organisations for people in need or  to second hand shops.

Or then you can recycle trash and remake from it furniture, clothings, toys, you name it.

This is designer Mariah’s big passion. She worked with the issue back in Brasil, together with people in the favelas. . What better Place than to have the photoshoot at the Design Musem in Göteborg. Röhsska Museet. http://rohsska.se/ Thank you for letting us beeing there and for your kind welcoming.

What you see behind Maria’s legs is a chair called “Anemone” and is designed by Fernando and Humberto Campana in 2001.

And of course this is only a teaser! You will have to wait a while to see the entire Picture.

Let’s save the World! Let’s recycle!


ZAN cropped copy

Today I learned a new word: ZAN = WOMAN in farsi.
I had the pleasure to meet a strong woman that really wants to make a strong statement in favour of all women.
Yes, we can be both mother, woman and a business woman. Yes it works!

I am filled of energy, as I do always after such a strong new picture. The story of N. telling me that you get in prison in Iran because you ride a bike as a woman and “show therefore a covered butt” really get me into a deep thinking. Is that true? How come? I was taught to bike since I was a child, the most normal thing for me. And there are countries where this is forbidden?
What can possibily be wrong in feeling freedom from riding a bike? I don’t understand that. My mind hasn’t been programmed for that.

Today I show you only a teaser.

Another new picture will be done tomorrow and this last week I have been working on writing and translating texts for the book.
So, things are moving on.

More to come tomorrow.

Bye Cornelia