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Planket 2013 – memories

At Planket 2013 At Fence 2013
At Planket 2013
At Fence 2013

Preparations with Mc Gywer in action, buiding a “home made” porfolio book holder!

IMG_9470_1 copy

Yoga Performance by  Cerboni Maria www.corpo.se

IMG_9471_1 copy

Discussion around the exhibition

IMG_9473_1 copy

Just smoking liquorice pipe with some of my models

IMG_9476_1 copy

Better start seeing art when you are in the trolley

IMG_9481_1 copy

Wonderful weather, lot of visitors, great day!

IMG_9485_1 copy

Both men and women are very much intrested. We like that, don’t we?

IMG_9486_1 copy

Many hours, so you need a chair and some food to get through the day.

IMG_9487_1 copy

Photographer Barthelemy Garcia who had his Pictures just Close to me.

IMG_9489_1 copy

Mc Gywer has Always an Eye on me!

IMG_9494_1 copy

Pink lady swishing by

IMG_9502_1 copy

That is how it looked like! Any comments?

First interview

As you know, last Saturday it was a great day at Planket “Fence”. The weather was just great and the visitors a lot.
This year there were many wonderful photographers that had their Picture shown, some of them for the first time.
It’s Amazing how everybody has it’s own style and it’s fun to go and talk to them.

I presented 4 of the Pictures of the Project (I will put up Pictures from the day soon). The local newspaper stopped by for an interview that came out on GP (Göteborgs Posten)

Here is the link:

Makes me proud to get the attention for all the persons involved in the Project. I even found new persons that wants to pose and has something important to say.
So, continue following us.

Have a nice day. 🙂

PR work


Today I am working on PR. I got my pressrelease back from the journalist that wrote it for me. So now it’s time to send it to the newspapers and the photo related papers.
I am also working on the 4 texts that have to be finished for next weeks mini exhibition at Planket in Göteborg.

PlanketGBG is a photographic outdoor exhibition in Gothenburg, Sweden. A day and a place for photographers and the exhibition visitors to meet. The exhibition will run on a voluntary and non-profit basis. Funding will come with entry fees and the kind support of Göteborg&Co and Göteborgs kulturkalas. The exhibition is open to all, both professional and amateur photographers. All are equally welcome.


Hope to see you there. 🙂


Those last Days I had a few interview for the Project with a few women with Lovely passions. We booked the date for the photoshoots so august will be a good month for taking brand new Pictures for the Project.

I am also working on a pressrelease together with a journalist.

The Picture for the exhibition at Planket in Göteborg are here and has to be finalized ready for hanging. It’s 1 1/2 month to go!
http://planketgbg.se/ you will find all the informations.

I am not laying on the lazy side as you can see.

I have also been asked for a Picture to be published in a few month in an art Magazine in Brazil. Here is the Picture and as soon as it get published I will post it here of course.

IMG_8424 copy