At Planket 2013 At Fence 2013
At Planket 2013
At Fence 2013

Preparations with Mc Gywer in action, buiding a “home made” porfolio book holder!

IMG_9470_1 copy

Yoga Performance by  Cerboni Maria

IMG_9471_1 copy

Discussion around the exhibition

IMG_9473_1 copy

Just smoking liquorice pipe with some of my models

IMG_9476_1 copy

Better start seeing art when you are in the trolley

IMG_9481_1 copy

Wonderful weather, lot of visitors, great day!

IMG_9485_1 copy

Both men and women are very much intrested. We like that, don’t we?

IMG_9486_1 copy

Many hours, so you need a chair and some food to get through the day.

IMG_9487_1 copy

Photographer Barthelemy Garcia who had his Pictures just Close to me.

IMG_9489_1 copy

Mc Gywer has Always an Eye on me!

IMG_9494_1 copy

Pink lady swishing by

IMG_9502_1 copy

That is how it looked like! Any comments?

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