I always say it: the Project runs by itself. Yesterday I was at the presentation at Stendahls. At the end I met JJ a very kind Young man from Taiwan. He had a nice camera around his neck so I asked him how he found the presentation (beside the fact that I was holding it in Swedish). He said  “Really cool”. So my spontaneous questions was:  “Do you want to be part of it?”  I explained during the presentation that I was looking for more asian people to photograph.

Well as my great mother always said “You never can get more then a NO” so  I just posted my question.

Big eyes, a step back and “Me? hmmmmm really me? well…..ok” .

Then I heard that he was leaving Sweden this coming Sunday, so things had to be rushed. “I have time tomorrow morning at 09.00 would that be fine?” I asked. Big eyes again and a nicking  “Yes cool” . Then I said “You have one night to Think about what you want to tell the World”. Now normally when I ask this, people start thinking, and sometimes they think months about it. Now JJ had not that much time and I do believe it’s why everything just turned out so great.

This morning I picked up JJ and we drove to the studio. We sat down and talked. Then he picked up a book where he wrote a poem, a wonderful poem (it’s in chinese so I have to wait for the translation). Such a Young human being with such adult and wise words. That really made my heart jump of love and happiness. I am so happy he is now part of the Just People family.

He also brought along a small hourse that he Always brings along when travelling. That’s what you see in my teaser.

Have a Lovely week-end.

horse toý
horse toý

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