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Dancing with death

She knew since she was 20 that her Life would have been short. They predicted it to her.

In 2005 she got cancer. She accepted it. She said her time had come and decided not to do anything against it. Just live Life go her on way.

She enjoyed Life, Went on, living as it would be her last day, every day, since.

Live NOW. TODAY. You don’t know when it’s YOUR call, she says to me.

This year the doctor told her… “you have only a short time left to live” … heart problems.

She is 59. Alive. Happy and full of energy. Wise. And Death is a friend to her. She lives with Death side by side as a dancing partner through Life. Because sooner or later it is , it will be part of any of us.

hand holding skeleton
hand holding skeleton

Teaser “Soulmates”

Hello everybody,

sorry for the long silence. I just ended up in the hospital for a Little while and are recovering now. Meanwhile film director Marita is clipping the film that we shooted a month ago. Long hours in front of the computer. But it will turn out great.

I also photographed a brand new Picture for the Project  “The Soulmates”.  A wonderful couple that are passionate with tango. So as you know this is just a teaser.

I wish you a Lovely week-end.

intimate passionate dancing couple
intimate passionate dancing couple

Don’t wait for tomorrow

Any accident that occur to us make us change our thoughts and our way to live our Life. Anita got badly injured in a car crash in 2011.

She remembers the white light and that everything was so calm and wonderful. She was like in a dream.
Still sitting in the car she wanted to just walk up and go back to work, what she didn’t realize was that she couldn’t walk at that time and she wouldn’t do it for a long time ahead.

She still doesn’t recall how she got into the hospital. As soon as she realized though what happened, she started fighting. She got a new LIFE.

She was living.  She had to do the best of each day and today she can walk again, after many operations. She is a fighter and a survivor.


I will tease you with a part of this new Picture and hope to soon be able to present it to one of my new exhibitions.

Woman sitting in a crushed car
Woman sitting in a crushed car

Break the chain

Finally after three month I was able to take a new picture for the Project. I met this wonderful and brave woman many years ago when we were collegues at the same school. Back then I had no idea what was going on in her life. T. was abused by her husband and had, unfortunately, as many other women in her position, a poker face when it came to show her real feelings for the World. Life had to continue no matter what.

We lost contact and we reconnected after many years via Facebook. She read about my Project and contacted me. I am proud that T. made it to the studio for a first interview where she openly spoke about her experience. I just shaked my had and got so surprised that I didn’t see anything of that. She is always the funny laughing girl.
We prepared mentally for this Picture and today we eventually, on her first holiday, were able to put her thoughts into a picture. I am sorry not to be able to show you yet the entire frame but just a teaser. BUT YES, she broke the chain from that situation and is now living a better Life, though still receovering and leaking her sours. She found the strongness in herself to say STOP for her sake and for her childrens sake.

A strong woman! I am proud of you!

Break the chain with a pair of bolt cutters
Break the chain with a pair of bolt cutters


Every year we have in Sweden a collect for something big. This time Musikhjälpen is collecting Money for pregnant women in need.

To help to rais as much Money as possible I have put one of my Just People Picture on auction. I hope you will spend a loooooooot of Money on it to help women in Need.

Do you work with pregnant women? Do you work with Children? Do you have a waiting room, just waiting for a great art Picture to hang there…then don’t wait….go and make your offer:

Part of the Just People project
pregnant woman waiting for her baby



Posing in favour of the recycled design
Posing in favour of the recycled design

We live in a World of consumption. We buy. We throw away. We buy. We throw away.

But there are several ways to change this behaviour. You can give away the stuff you buy to organisations for people in need or  to second hand shops.

Or then you can recycle trash and remake from it furniture, clothings, toys, you name it.

This is designer Mariah’s big passion. She worked with the issue back in Brasil, together with people in the favelas. . What better Place than to have the photoshoot at the Design Musem in Göteborg. Röhsska Museet. http://rohsska.se/ Thank you for letting us beeing there and for your kind welcoming.

What you see behind Maria’s legs is a chair called “Anemone” and is designed by Fernando and Humberto Campana in 2001.

And of course this is only a teaser! You will have to wait a while to see the entire Picture.

Let’s save the World! Let’s recycle!



…is the title of this Picture taken a year ago. Maria loves yoga. From childhood until the ago of 28 she was suffering from Orthorexia nervosa
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orthorexia) and Anorexia. Yoga was a way to come back and gave her a creative strenght. Today she teaches yoga and helps others with similar disorders to find their way back to a healthy Life.